“Skin Flick” brings Norm Foster to the STC

FROM LEFT: Jamie Williams as Byron and Maria Dinn as Jill in Norm Foster's "Skin Flick". Photo by Callam Rodya.

By Callam Rodya
Arts & Entertainment Editor

This article appears in the Feb. 25 print edition of the Lambda.

Norm Foster is routinely called Canada’s preeminent comedic playwright. So it’s no surprise his latest work, Skin Flick, would find it’s way into the Sudbury Theatre Centre’s 2010-2011 season.

There’s an added bonus, however. Foster himself stars in the new play, a co-production between Theatre Orangeville and the STC.

In Skin Flick, Rollie and Daphne, a middle aged couple, have to find a way to make some money and hold on to their house. A mistakenly rented porn DVD gives them an idea. Why not make their own “skin flick” and reap the financial windfall?

With the help of a good friend, Alex (played by Foster), a fledgling actress and a mild mannered bookie, Daphne and Rollie try and save themselves from financial ruin.

The play is vintage Foster, with great physical, visual and verbal comedy but also with very touching and revealing moments that deal with intimacy, compassion, and how people’s ideas of what is right and wrong can be swayed by the lure of money.

“The title of the play really doesn’t tell you what the play is about,” said Foster. “It’s really a romantic story about a couple that’s been married for about 30 years. They’re very much in love but they’re down on their luck. And it’s about these five people who come together but are completely out of their element.”

Foster doesn’t remember where the idea for the play came from.

“I think it actually started with the title,” he said. “I thought it was a neat title for a play so I started thinking about it and it took off from there.”

Generally the man behind the words of the play, Foster is finding himself acting more and more these days, doing about three shows a year.

“Usually, I just stick to the writing, but I enjoy getting up on stage,” he said.

The Skin Flick cast includes the artistic director of Theatre Orangeville, David Nairn, paying Rollie, Susan Greenfield as Daphne, Maria Dinn as Jill, and Jamie Williams as Byron.

The play is directed by Walter Learning.

Skin Flick runs at the Sudbury Theatre Centre until Mar. 6. Visit or call (705) 674-8381 for tickets and show times.

For Foster, the idea of making your own skin flick might not be for everyone, but could be sound financial advice for some.

“I think, in today’s economy, we should all maybe give this at least one try,” said Foster.