Friday meeting regarding proposed 14% increase in international student tuition

Editor’s note: The meeting is now being held in West Residence due to the number of people expected to attend.
This is a letter supplied to Lambda.
“Hello dear friends,
I am sending this e – mail to inform you that the board of Governors at LU are having a meeting where they are going to decide whether or not to increase tuition fees for International students.
It have come to my attention that they have proposed a 14% for new coming international students, whereas, those who are already here will also have increased fees; if the proposal passes in this meeting.
The meeting will be held on the 18th of February starting at 1 pm in Parker building -11th floor, its a senate room,
Therefore, I urge you to get some people and attend the meeting, even if you cant speak you can at least be there looking at them , so that they don’t forget that increase in fees is bad for students and so that they can see the faces of these students.
Your presence will be very well appreciated for all the international students that are already at Laurentian and will be here in the future.
Please forward this e-mail to other peers and friends and make them aware of this, we need to try to come together and show our disapproval for this proposition.
Yours Sincerely,

Fatima Berg”