The Lambda Guide to Valentine’s Day

By Callam Rodya

This article appears in the Feb. 11 print edition of Lambda.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or you think Valentine’s Day is just another corporate concoction to hock flowers, Hallmark cards, and Ferrero Rocher, it’s one of those days where a lot of us feel compelled to spend a little time, energy, and yes, money.

Well, fine. Maybe it’s good to have a day devoted to love. After all, we can’t be expected to keep the romance running year-round. We’ve got work to do, papers to write, and shows to watch!

If you’re one of those individuals who doesn’t buy into the Valentine’s Day propaganda or just doesn’t have any romance in your life right now, this article is not for you. Hey, you’re probably one of the lucky ones. Your bank account gets a bit of a break while the rest of us give the plastic in our wallets a workout.

But for the rest of you, here are a few choice selections for Valentine’s Day dates that are pleasing to the heart and easy on the balance statement.


A nice dinner for two is one of the most tried-and-true staples of Valentine’s Day.

Sudbury used to be a barren wasteland of culinary options. Today, we’re a little better off. Reality is, there are some really nice options for a nice dinner with a bit of a romantic touch.

My favorite restaurant of the moment is The HourGlass, located literally across the street from the Sudbury Transit Terminal (don’t let the location fool you – it’s actually a really nice place). The menu is fantastic, the drink selection is extensive, and the service is unparalleled. Best of all, the ambiance is sharp, sophisticated, and urban – perfect for that tailored blazer or little black dress that you never get to wear. You won’t find McDonald’s prices at The HourGlass, but $50 will go a long way.

Another excellent Valentine’s choice is sushi. Sushi is clean, won’t leave you feeling bloated, gassy, or heartburney, and best of all, it is devoid of onion, garlic, and all those other date-ruining objectionable odors. My favorite sushi spot is Umai, located at 1875 Paris Street. Split a small sushi/sashimi boat and you’ll likely find yourselves sharing the leftovers later in bed. Your welcome.

If you’re more of a strident carnivore, there is no better choice than The Keg Steakhouse on The Kingsway. Sure, it’s a chain restaurant, but try going back for a steak elsewhere after experiencing one of The Keg’s masterpieces. Yes, of these three restaurant options, it is definitely the higher-end of the price spectrum, but it is more than worth it.

After Dinner

What to do after dinner? How about a movie? If you’ve eaten downtown, Rainbow Cinemas is just a few blocks away. They don’t advertise it, but did you know that a student movie ticket at Rainbow is only $3? It’s cheaper than renting a movie! Just show your student card when you purchase.

If you’re looking for something live, there’s always a musical act at the Townehouse Tavern. There’s usually a cover ($5, give or take) but the drinks are cheap. If you’re used to a club atmosphere (like me), the T-Ho takes some getting used to, but the music is good and the crowd is a who’s who of Sudbury’s arts and culture scene.

How about something outdoorsy? Work off that that Valentine’s dinner with a romantic skate on Ramsey Lake or around Queen’s Athletic Field. There’s nothing quite like skating the 1.8 km of Ramsey Lake under the moonlight. Sound cheesy? Just trust me…

Of course, many simply opt for flowers and chocolates, or even a poem or song written for their love. Those are fine too, and indeed, might be all you need to show your love on Valentine’s Day.

But if you want to go the extra distance, hopefully this article will help you along the way.

Happy Valentine’s Day!