Matichuk’s plan to deregulate store hours defeated by council

By Callam Rodya

One of mayor Marianne Matichuk’s most memorable campaign promises was defeated by city council Wednesday night.

Matichuk’s plan to allow stores and their owners/managers to set their own business hours was defeated by a vote of eight to five.

Matichuk broke the news via her Facebook account in a status update around 11:00 p.m.

“My motion to give store owners the choice to set their own hours was unfortunately defeated by city council tonight,” she wrote. “Opinion poll showed 67 per cent of residents wanted this. They were not heard tonight. We will press on.”

Matichuk thanked the four councilors who supported her motion, praising their “progressive thinking.” Councilors Belli, Caldarelli, Craig, and Kilgour voted in favor of the motion.

The defeat of Matichuk’s motion keeps the current city bylaw regarding store hours in place.

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