Transport Canada relaxes carry-on rules

By Callam Rodya

If you plan on traveling by air over reading week, you may experience a quicker pass through security than you’re used to.

Transport Canada has relaxed some restrictions on certain carry-on items that they hope will reduce hassles and hasten security screening at Canadian airports.

Small scissors and tools, such as eyeglass screwdrivers or manicure sets, are now permitted aboard passenger planes in Canada. There is a six-centimetre restriction for these tools, excluding the handle.

Restrictions on liquids, gels, and aerosols remain the same. Knives of any length, including Swiss Army pocket tools, remain restricted on board.

Transport Minister Chuck Strahl also stated that other changes are in the works to speed up security screening. He said the goal is to ensure security while increasing convenience for travelers.

β€œWe’ve listened to travelers and the aviation security community, and we believe these initiatives achieve the best balance of aviation safety and security, and passenger convenience,” Stahl said.

These new Transport Canada rules bring Canada in line with established international standards.