Downtown water tower to get facelift in the form of new billboards

By Callam Rodya

One of downtown Sudbury’s most recognizable landmarks, the Pearl Street water tower, will be getting a new facelift – in the form of a series of billboards, or “artboards” as they are being called.

Five such boards will be added to the structure over the next two weeks, part of a revitalization plan for the aging structure.

Jeff Perreault, owner of the tower, prefers to call them “artboards” because of their shape.

A similarly-revitilized water tower in Lethbridge, AB.

“Billboards are typically about 10 feet by 16 feet,” he told local media. “We’re calling this an ‘artboard’ because it’s 20 feet by 32 feet.”

Companies who have purchased advertising on the new boards include Vale, Bath Fitter, Le Loup 98.9FM, Les Jeux de la Francophonie Canadienne, and the Conservative Party of Canada.

According to Perreault, a total of 12 such boards will eventually be added, the revenue from which will go towards future development projects for the tower.

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  1. This is so tacky. Leave it to the Conservatives to jump at the chance to plaster their logos all over a symbol of Sudbury. Tasteless.