Lambda readers react to Matichuk victory

Edited by Callam Rodya

Mayor-elect Marianne Matichuk stands outside Tom Davies Square in downtown Sudbury. Photo supplied.

We have received a lot of feedback from our readers on the outcome of last week’s municipal election. Here are what some of them are saying. You can join in the discussion here on our blog, on our Facebook Page, or by sending us an email – Remember, Lambda publishes every letter to the editor we receive as long as it is not slanderous, obscene or inappropriate.

“Considering the number of incumbents and otherwise familiar faces on council, I expect to see very little change to council’s modus operandi. It seems our community has an appetite only for ‘real change’ but not for substantive change.” – David Macdonald

“Her total lack of experience with any political leadership – was she even on her high school student council? – may also hinder the task. The incumbent councilors know a heck of a lot more than she does about how the city really works.” – Richard Eberhardt

“Sarah Palin is our new mayor.” – Christian Pelletier

“Her alliances swayed the vote, period. I think if many who didn’t vote realized she had half a chance, it wouldn’t have been even close, but I think many don’t understand how much their vote really means until now. What a shame – mayor of my city is not where I wish for someone to learn a job!” – Kevin Boyd

“John Rodriguez really did not do very much to deserve re-election. He took the politically safe and predictable route in supporting the [United Steelworkers] in the Vale strike, instead of remaining neutral…as an elected public servant of all citizens should do. While he cited the Elton John scandal as an abstraction, that instance actually represented a siutation where he attempted to limit transparency of council to stop the political bleeding. That was less about tickets and more about shutting the doors of the council’s dealings to the media and the public. He wasted valuable time and political capital in trying to advance his failed “legacy” projects. While some of these may have had a great impact on on our community, he simply mismanaged the marketing of it, and it was doomed from the start. But to Rodriguez, these were all just abstractions as part of an “American style campaign” against him. That’s the coward’s way out. Matichuk may not have been the best choice, granted. I would much have preferred Callaghan. But the way I see it, anyone who’s willing to concentrate on core issues and services instead of ducking for political cover all of the time deserves a chance.” – Mark Mancini
Thank you all for participating in this discussion. Keep those comments coming!
Callam Rodya
Arts & Entertainment/Online Editor