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‘Leadership is a Round Dance:’ Mathew Dueck first Laurentian student to receive 3M National Student Fellowship Award

by Shanleigh Brosseau, Editor in Chief Mathew Dueck, a third-year student in Indigenous Social Work and student leader on campus was announced as one of the 10 students awarded the 3M National Scholarship.   The award was first introduced by 3M in 2012 to honour Canadian undergraduate students who have demonstrated qualities of outstanding leadership, and[…]

Kathryn Kettle: The work of a student advocate and the future of the SGA

by Shanleigh Brosseau, Editor in Chief Kathryn Kettle sat down for an interview with Lambda to discuss her time working with the Student General Association as Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, and the strides this year’s executive team made for a more accountable student association. Kettle offered insight into being a student[…]

Pierre Zundel: an interim presidency in review

by Shanleigh Brosseau, Editor in Chief Lambda sat down for an interview with Dr. Pierre Zundel, Laurentian University’s current interim president and vice-chancellor. Zundel reflected on his two years in office, talked about leaving his role in July and hinted at what is next for him. Zundel assumed his role as[…]

Column: Environmental studies student tackles ‘Ecological Grief’

by Jacob Wenghofer, columnist Climate change is quite easily one of the most pressing issues of our time, and one which has inflamed the passion of youth around the world, as shown by the recent climate change strikes led by elementary and high school students. Much like our parents and grandparents, who grew up[…]

‘Are we safe on campus?’: Student group tackles racism at LU

by Erica Scoville, Reporter Social Work student Hediyeh Karimian, Law and Justice student Litha Ncansia, and Health Promotion student Kadre Gray have come together to bring humanity, equity and justice to the Laurentian University campus. Their student group U.L.U. is in its beginning stages, but that’s not to say they haven’t already made an impact on[…]

Laurentian’s second annual Toe Picks and Hat Tricks raises $2400 for Canadian Mental Health Association

by Maddie Savage, Reporter On Saturday, March 9th, Laurentian’s chapter held their second annual Toe Picks and Hat Tricks event at the Cambrian arena and raised $2400 that was donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). The organization plans to work with CMHA’s Sudbury/Manitoulin branch to hold more initiatives at Laurentian University. “[] promote[s][…]

Pub hours, SGA staff could change in wake of Student Choice Initiative

by Catherine Biskupski, reporter The Student General Association says they are listening to students’ concerns about Doug Ford’s Student Choice Initiative. Amidst uncertainty about what the new government legislation regarding student association funding means for students, the SGA hosted an “Ask Me Anything” question and answer period Tuesday. The q & a was an opportunity for students, club leaders, and faculty to ask questions[…]

CKLU Radio needs you February 27- March 6.

CKLU Radio needs you February 27- March 6. CKLU 96.7 Laurentian Campus and Community Radio has been your voice for 35 years. From its humble beginnings in a residence room to the campus portable and its current home in the McEwen School of Architecture, CKLU continues to be the voice[…]

Chappell in as new SGA president. Kotila, Grant win VP seats

The polls for the 2018-2019 SGA/AGÉ elections are now closed and the results are in. According to SGA/AGÉ Chief Returning Officer, the successful candidates are as follows: Eric Chappell, President Katlyn Kotila, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Tomas Antolin Grant, Vice President of Student Life, and Cory Clark, Senator[…]