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CKLU Radio needs you February 27- March 6.

CKLU Radio needs you February 27- March 6. CKLU 96.7 Laurentian Campus and Community Radio has been your voice for 35 years. From its humble beginnings in a residence room to the campus portable and its current home in the McEwen School of Architecture, CKLU continues to be the voice[…]

Chappell in as new SGA president. Kotila, Grant win VP seats

The polls for the 2018-2019 SGA/AGÉ elections are now closed and the results are in. According to SGA/AGÉ Chief Returning Officer, the successful candidates are as follows: Eric Chappell, President Katlyn Kotila, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Tomas Antolin Grant, Vice President of Student Life, and Cory Clark, Senator[…]

Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Student Life:Juke Aguer

Hey there! Juke here. And I am running for Vice President Student Life, for the SGA-AGÉ! Firstly, because of recent Provincial Government changes (Ford.) I know for certain, that how I approach this year’s campaign will have to be different. The biggest way that new legislation WILL impact us, will[…]

Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Student Life: Esther Nabatanzi

My name is Esther Nabatanzi, a fourth-year student in biomedical biology. I am a varsity athlete for Laurentian Track and Field. As a member of the Student General Association, I offer my candidacy for the position of Vice President of Student Life. In my four years as a member of[…]

Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Policy & Advocacy: Katlyn Kotila

Hello Laurentian! My name is Katlyn Kotila and I want to be your next Vice President of Policy and Advocacy. I am currently a Second-Year student double majoring in Political Science and Communication Studies. Throughout my time at Laurentian I have had the opportunity to be involved in student governance[…]

Meet the Candidates for SGA VP, Policy & Advocacy: Thomas Cook

My name is Thomas Cook and I am in second year of the Law and Justice program. As your VP of policy and advocacy, I intend to work with you, the students, to find solutions to the problems that face our student body and collectively enhance the SGA for the[…]

Meet the Candidates for SGA President: Jacob Fielding

Hey Laurentian, my name is Jacob Fielding, I am 20 years old, currently enrolled in Political Science, and I am running to be your next SGA president. Throughout my life, I’ve always had a passion for leadership, governance, and advocacy, and I feel serving you as president is the next[…]

Meet the Candidates for SGA President: Eric Chappell

My name is Eric Chappell, and I am a student just like you. This is my third year in Business Administration, and throughout my degree, I have lived the many issues that students are facing throughout university. I was the first student to transfer to the north and settle here[…]

Reason for president’s impeachment confidential, SGA says

On January 30, Laurentian University students were given notice of the impeachment of SGA President Tommi-Lee Gauthier. The statement was signed by Justin Pappano, Chairperson of the SGA Board, and Kathryn Kettle, the acting president of the SGA. The reason given for the impeachment was “in regard to transgressions of policies of the association.”   According[…]